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Franchise Testimonials


It has always been my childhood dream to become an entrepreneur, but which area of business I wasnt sure of. I researched online and found serveral franchise business. Coverall stood out amoung the rest because of a flexible payment plan and professional training program.I have grown my business in the last six months. Thanks to Coverall for helping my dream become a reality

Emmanuel O

Western Michigan Support Center




I have been a Coverall franchise owner for 3 years. I cam from a resta urant background and without any experience in the cleaning business.I have found this new business endeavor to be very rewarding. To the training process to the daily communication, I always feel comfortable contacting the Coverall office to help me with any questions or comcerns that may arise.

Besides the daily cleaning schedule, there are opportunities on addiitional services such as waxing floors, carpet cleaning,window cleaning and many more. I appreciate the chance to increase our profits by taking on these special services.

I am grateful for the experience coverall has given me and look forward to a long lasting career in the cleaning business with the Coverall team.


NW Ohio Support Center 




After several failed attempts at living the dream of owning my own business , I was becoming resigned to working a 9 to 5 job. I decided to take one more chance and become a Coverall Franchise Owner. I was nervous in the beginning, but with training and support from the Coverall staff, I grew more and more confident. Coverall is the perfect business for me, the offered me the best chance at sucess and I can see my dreams comming true. There is no lin mit to what lies ahead. I only have one regret, I wsih that I had discoved Coverall years ago.

Rodney T

Alabama Support Center 




After working hard my whole life I started to make plans to retire early. To help me reach this goal I decided to start my own business. Coverall impressed me with the training program and the support system. I have been able to grow my business at a pace that I am comfortable with.



Oscar S

NW Ohio support Center




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